BUSDORI PROJECT  operates out of the second floor of a owner renovated domestic dwelling/studio, situated around Jiyugaoka, in Tokyo: ten minutes by train from Shibuya, and twenty minutes from Yokohama using the Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Busdori supports the pared down: painting, installation, the concrete, concrete via the phone, conceptual, minimal, and the multiple–art that operates just above the physical–experimental work that is getting done right now.

Busdori’s physical space is typical of Tokyo. It is small. The project space, architecturally, is simple and spare: There is one main wall 4.5 meters long, sliding windows that open to a wooden Japanese-style balcony, and 35 square meters working floor space. Other walls are transparent plastic scrims to let the light through.

The PROJECT ROOM operates as a short term physical venue, typically running two days to one week, during the warmer months of the year. All projects are archived and presented over the web for critical review.